Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Cat Whiskers dress. Bought it about a year and a half ago for CNY. Worn twice. Its a little teensy tiny bit brighter red than shown in the photo. Dunno whats wrong with the camera. Really striking dress. Pulls the crowd! I gave out so many fake numbers those 2 nights I lost count Haha. Cotton material. A lil thick then again, I pride myself in buying quality stuff.
Price: RM25
Size: Small ( a little loose on the boobies part tho) to a small large size. I think size 10 would be the max. I'm a size 10 now so yeah. 10 with size C cup.

Monday, July 13, 2009


DKNY top. Fiery red, bought it wore it once and was the centre of attention. However, my boobs grew bigger and can't fit in it anymore. Kinda pity to let it go but I thought, why not? Let someone else love it :)
Material: It says on the tag 100% TENCEL, dunno what that is but its soft, sort of cotton-rayon mix and thin
Size: Medium

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Authentic Emporio Armani watch. Bought it in a sale about 6 months back - impulse buy. I already have a million other watches so I'm letting this one go. It has a certificate to prove its authencity and the whole box + booklets. The whole nine yards. If you wanna COD, currently am on a holiday so I can only COD to Kuala Lumpur area. I'm quite reluctant to sell it off at faaar less than half the price I paid for but I need to get rid of one of my watches. Leather strap.

Price: RM 85 Yes, eighty five ringgit. Better take it before I change my mind!



Three quarters yoga pants. Worn once, washed twice. I think everyone is familiar with this pants. Cotton material.
Size: Free size
Price: RM 15


Long top from blook. Snake skin pattern-sorry for the bad photography. Worn once, washed twice. Has a string to tie around the waist. Can be worn as a dress for petite girls. Lycra-ish material.
Size: Small-Medium
Price: 20

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Preloved purple top from Blook. Worn once, washed twice. Colour is richer than shown in this picture. More like Royal Purple. See thru knitted part. Sexy :). Cotton material.
Size: Medium-Large (not suitable for petite girls)
Price: RM20